UNESCO South Korea Sites for Geo Magazine | Travel Photographer

Last august, I have been assigned by Geo Magazine in France to travel around some of the UNESCO sites of Korea to shoot a travel issue. It was an incredible chance to visit the country where I am now based. The story was published in this month issue of the magazine, here are some of the unpublished photos and a gallery of the magazine press clip ! The trip took us from the fortress of Suwon to the Anohe folk villages. We then stayed in the temples of Haeinsa in the Gaya Mountains. The trip ended up the Yeosu peninsula when traveled around the islands and fishing villages.

Tim F is a Seoul based photographer available for commercial and editorial assignment in South Korea

CHP Annual Report | Korea Corporate Photographer

CHP is a Swiss Company producing chemicals and industrial products world wide. I was recently assigned to shoot some marketing materials for their upcoming 2016 Annual Reports. We visited different locations and did some coroporate portraits of the management team


Tim F is available for commercial corporate photography assignment in South Korea.

Tunnel Digging | Korea Corporate Photographer

Herrenknecht is the largest TDM ( Tunnel Digging Machine ) company in the world. The huge machines they produce are digging tunnels all over the world for metro system, under river / sea pathways as well as water treatment. Tim F has been working with Herrenknecht in China, South Korea & Singapore to document their process to create their latest marketing materials

Model portraits at DDP | Seoul Portrait Photographer

I have recently worked with a Seoul based model to photograph her portfolio. I chose a location that I particularly like, The dongdaemun design plaza by architecte Zaha Hadid. Here a few photos realized on that day

Tim F is a Seoul based photographer specialized  in portrait & architecture and available in South Korea for commercial assignments

Seoul Portraits | Korea Photographer

Between assignment i have been hanging around Seoul and making random portraits using an old rolleilfex twin lens camera. Portrait of friends or random people in the streets of Seoul. Here are some of them.

" I want to be singer " . An entertainment game room owner standing in front of a Karaoke Room advertising in Gangnam district / Seoul

" I want to be singer " . An entertainment game room owner standing in front of a Karaoke Room advertising in Gangnam district / Seoul

Shooting Range in Gangnam Seoul

Shooting Range in Gangnam Seoul

Tim F is a Seoul, South Korea based commercial photographer available for any kind of photography assignment around the country ! Contact : Tim@propagandastudio.asoa

360 Virtual Tour | Seoul commercial photographer

We are just woking on a new service for 360 photos in Asia. Here is our first exemple for Louis Quartorze in Seoul South Korea. The system allows you to present a full 360 Virtual Tour of your pop up exhibition or new store online for your potential customer.

For more info on 360 virtual tour, please contact me at

Retail Commercial Photographer Seoul South Korea

Within 2016 I have shot for numerous luxury clients around Asia for Retail and Clear shooting of their shops and display. I am now based in Seoul, South Korea and provide clearing shoot services for retails and ind international brands around the country. You can check my full portfolio here :  or see some of the recent jobs I have done:


Tim Franco is a Seoul Commercial Photographer available for Retail, clear shooting and high end luxury assignment all over South Kore, contact him at

Seoul Celebrity Photographer | Louis Vuitton Korea

One year ago, I was invited by Louis Vuitton to cover their Series 2 event in Seoul. Here are some of the photos with famous celebrity such as Bae Doo Na, Chu Sung Hun,  Seol Li or Su Yong from girls f

Tim F is french commercial photographer based in Seoul and available for photography assignment in South Korea phone : +821095228801

Seoul Urban Study | Photographer

Here a few images I shot a couple years ago on a 4x5 camera while studying the Seoul Urban Landscape


Seoul is connected & wired through the latest and fastest online technologies. It is also a new city, mostly reconstructed after the Korean War, its large avenues and modern buildings seems endless in the center and spreading through beautiful mountains surrounding the city. It gives this megapolis a unique energy. While modern & tall buildings can be found in various part of the city, they always surround smaller and more intimate districts made of small alleys , traditional houses and business. Christianity is also an important part of modern Korean culture. In any district, the neon litted crosses can be seen from afar.


This urban study made with a traditional 4x5 large format wooden field camera in film aims to document the urban enviornement of the South Korean Capital.

Tim F is a Seoul South Korea based commercial photographer available for architecture, advertising, editorial and portrait assignment .

Seoul Photographer - New Portfolio

After more than 10 years of incredible experience in Shanghai, I have decided to discover a bit more of Asia and leave behind the pollution and chaos of big Chinese cities to instal myself in one of the greatest city in Asia: Seoul !  

From here, I will run my agency Propaganda Studio and will continue to work and manage project in China and the Asia Pacific zone with our current and future partners. But for now on, I will be available for assignments directly from Seoul South Korea. Architecture Photographer, Corporate Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Lifestyle photographer, I am looking for assignments and agencies to partner up with the country and possible partners for Propaganda Studio - contact me directly by email to require more details